A bit baffled as to what WRUW means, my guess is "What are you Wearing" in a sort of lazy text style, either way it is my favorite part of the site.

The sheer variety of time pieces people wear, absolutely mind boggling.

There are some staggeringly good looking watches being worn and quite frankly some hideous monstrosities as well, to each their own taste.

Keep them pics coming people, can't wait for the next batch.

You are right it means "What are you wearing".馃憤

You should show us how it鈥檚 done and join in :)

My favorite part of the site as well!

When I first joined, I was confused for a minute (why isn't it WAYWT?), but mostly because I'm an old fuddy-duddy and tend to spell out my words completely. 馃槀