Squale Repair Help

Hi, I have a Squale 1521 Militiare that’s only 3 months old. while setting the time something must have broken as now it runs 5 seconds a minute fast! But my biggest problem is that it was a gift from my ex girlfriend, I’ve lost the warranty card and there is no way I can get the receipt from her. Can anyone recommend a UK based company that could fix my watch? 



Good morming Jimmi!

Try to demagnetize your watch first. This could be a reason why the watch goes so fast. Magnetic sources like computers, cell phones, laudspeakers, etc can influence suddenly mechanical watches. Demagnetizers can be bought on Ebay for little money. Otherwise go to a professional watch shop and ask them to have a look at it. The movement should be a Sellita 200 Élaboré, which is very common for every watchmaker. A check of your watch should cost too much.Good luck!