what is a good website to buy a range of watches?

I know a couple websites that are good to buy watches on with a good range of price ranges (hodinkee,tournue,ect.) I am wondering if there is a site that you all trust to buy timepieces that is an authorized dealer with a good amount of brands and prices.


It obviously depends a lot on what you're looking for and where you're located etc. Gnomon Watches (Japan) has a great selection and good prices, especially when it comes to Seiko. Just be aware that you don't get the GLOBAL warranty when you buy Seiko from Japan, but would have to send it back to Gnomon in case of any issues. 

James Porter & Sons is always a pleasure to deal with too. They have everything from Doxa to Grand Seiko and Oris. UK based. 

Never bought anything from Topper Jewelers, but they're always mentioned in the context of good online retailers. US based.

Just a few examples!


https://teddybaldassarre.com/ is an AD for a lot of brands and is starting a preowned section up as well.