Wolf Double Watch Winders - yay or nay?

Double Watch Winder Boxes: Dual Winders for Two Watches | WOLF

The only dual watch winders that accurately count every turn, WOLF's double watch winder boxes combine patented technology with timeless style. Explore now.


Dear WatchCrunchers,

Without providing too much insight into my opinion or my collection, I would like to ask your take on watch winders - Wolf products in particular (see link).

Do you use them and if yes, how, or do you think they are damaging to our beloved watches and do not use them?

Looking forward to your thoughts. Cheers!


I use a single Wolf one and no, they do not damage your watch. There are some existing threads where this is discussed.


I have a triple winder from WOLF and while it won't damage your watch, I would not recommend WOLF winders to even my worst enemy after the poor customer service that I experienced from them. If you want a winder, go with a different brand. Not only will it cost significantly less, the customer service and support will likely be way better. There are very reasonably priced winders available on Amazon. Check out the Chiyoda brand.