The best Breitling.

I remember the first time I saw pictures of this Breitling Datora and thinking to myself, what a beautiful dial.  I was able to pick this up as part of a trade and I really enjoyed how different it is from the Rolex GMT, Submariner, and DJ 41.  As time passed, I just couldn’t get over how small the date complication is.  I basically had to rely on my phone for the date and I know that’s common but I am not able to easily take My phone out of my pocket when I’m working.  I don’t know why but my eye site has gotten worse within this past year and being able to see the day and month has also become troublesome.  I then traded this watch as another part of a deal and I find myself missing it.  I have a beautiful DJ 41 silver dial on jubilee now and the date is easier to read.  I do miss the Breitling for being so low key, especially with all these robberies targeted for Rolex.  Any thoughts about the Breitling Datora?


I say this as a genuine compliment; It is a beautiful watch and should be, as it liberally borrows the 5270P except with a chunkier case. Before the Breitling folks come at me; Yes, we know it’s based on the original Datora 805 which came out in 1946, but then we’d have to forget the PP 1518 was released five years prior to that. None of that is meant to put down the Datora. If you’re going to be inspired, might as well be inspired by an all time great.

I would totally buy one if it wasn’t 15.35mm thick, especially since I’ll likely never get to own the 5270P. Breitling have been doing a great job, specifically with the B01 line. Your DJ is also awesome.