Local watchmakers or dealers that do it right

Do you have a local watch dealer or watchmaker that fosters general watch geekery?


  • Knowledgable staff who genuinely appreciate watches and aren’t overtly focused on sales
  • No pressure. If you have no money, they’d still be a friendly place to go in and just learn and appreciate. The type of place where it’s okay to just go in and try on a few pieces and talk.
  • You’d trust them with your favorite watch.

Post yours in the responses. Mine is the Orlando Watch Company in Winter Park. I am in no way affiliated with them, although they did give me a T-shirt once. It’s just a good place with nice folks, and a good selection of new watches and vintage or pre-owned.

Thought it would be nice to have a summary of other great local watch companies when traveling. Post yours below. Real recommendations only, please.