Watch Collection part 1, My first watch

This will be a series of posts where I introduce my collection.

This Sekonda 1171 was the first watch I bought back in 2018 on our trip to the UK for my fathers graduation from Henley Business School. At the time I just wanted a watch and knew nothing of them. Now it serves as my beater watch. It's currently fitted on a cnswatchbands olive Nato strap. It is just an ordinary mall watch but serves its purpose well :)

(p.s. please comment about how I could improve these posts)


Everyone here likes showing off watches. The posts that seem to get the most traction seem to have either deep philosophical discussions about how many watches are the proper number and why we should not buy a new watch rather than feed our families. Others are popular because of touching personal stories.

What I do is add fictional details and flourishes to spice up my posts. For example: The watch that I am wearing today was given to me by my good friend, an avid hiker. Once we had taken a new trail through the mountains of central Florida and we came to a narrow path with a steep drop off. Suddenly, the path disappeared beneath our feet and we started tumbling down the mountainside. Luckily, I was thrown clear of rocks and debris and suffered only scrapes and bruises. My friend was not so lucky. Only his left wrist was visible from under a pile of huge boulders.  I ran over to him and called his name. I heard only silence. I said: "Don't worry, I will save your watch." And I did.

See, I really spiced it up. You are welcome.