Another space to spend my time...

I'm Chris, and there are days I can switch it up twice or three times among my 30 or so watches. I have a few old Angelus watches, a classic Stars and Stripes Bulova, the story of which I will share later.  A couple of IWCs (now my two faves), two 20 or so year-old Oris watches, some vintage Midos and a Titanium Ocean Star that's among my faves. Mondaine, Draken, Valhalla, Zodiac, Hamilton, Momo Design and more. My son shares my enjoyment of collecting, and we exchange pics and posts often during our days. 

I enjoy watching WatchesTV, Watch Gang, Watch finder, Teddy and a few more. 

Also into backgammon, cars, NY Mets and my wonderful Goldendoodle, Kodak. I travel quite a bit, guiding culinary tours to Europe and elsewhere. 


Lovely Aquatimer Chris!


Welcome to WC.