Seiko sporty one nice looker

Needs a service again

Stopped working but try and get this thing running again

Seiko 7T61-0AM0


This is the first chronograph I've liked in a long time. It has that fun 90's look like the Oakley watches. Anyway, supposedly the case back has a nasty habit of shorting to the battery. New movements are pricey but available.


Yes! I saw one of these for sale on an auction site many moons ago and I didn't pull the trigger because I was worried it was a fake. I hadn't seen one before and there wasn't much information about it, so I passed. Wow, yours sure is beautiful! This will forever be "the one that got away" for me. It's got aesthetics that come from another galaxy and I love it.


Hello thanks yes watch is good looker one of many watch’s I have collected over the years still loads more to come 😬