Citizen c090

Pretty much clean

Works like a charm

Just needed a service and clean

Like all of my vintage watches once cleaned and checked working fine with new battery

Battery back out for storage in my cabinet.

Great looking watch! Indeed very clean, can barely see anything that would prove you didn鈥檛 just pluck this out the box. 馃敟

Hell ya brother 馃嵒 you're only other guy I've seen here with the C090.

Hello I鈥檓 new here


Started collecting watch鈥檚 8 years ago and fixing them up

There was a guy on eBay

Could the watch collector I think and he was the guy I used to get my vintage watch鈥檚 from he was in the phillipines . Most watch鈥檚 we鈥檙e clean but some were rusty or dirty looking too but ok .