Fixing the Tudor BB58 Bracelet

No, not the faux rivets, they're a total non-issue in my eyes, I'm talking about fit. This may be very old news to most BB58 owners but posting this in case it helps someone.

I got my BB58 as a Christmas present. I kind of knew I'd always get one but I held off for 5 years as it almost seemed too obvious, but now that I have: I love it.

However, I struggled a bit to achieve a perfect fit on the bracelet.

Enter the Uncle Seiko half links: as close to OEM finish as you'll find and incredibly reasonable at £21.


So now I had perfect fitment, but what was still missing was on-the-fly toolless adjustment.

Enter the Steel-Reef Extension Link - a little more expensive at £116, this is a version of the Rolex Easy Link adjustment system which gives you the option to increase bracelet length by approximately 5mm easily, without tools.


Again very close to OEM finish and given the position of the link (mostly behind the clasp) you wouldn't notice a difference anyway.

Now I have perfect fitment and the ability to extend the bracelet 5mm with a simple click on very hot days and I am extremely happy.

Hope this helps someone.


It's been a great addition to mine. Just a shame that it a £3k+ watch needs you to make these changes. TFit on future iterations please Tudor.


The bracelet for the new Ranger is a perfect fit and can be purchased separately. This will give you the T fit clasp and do away with the rivets too.