Day 18 - A Watch a Day: Not that anyone's been following and would have noticed, but I miscalculated and had to pause this series cause I went traveling. Well, I'm back now, so might as well continue. This shows my (bike) commute to work, from my 5th floor (walkup) apartment to my 5th floor office. At less than 18 minutes, it's a near record. I almost never wear a G-Shock as the watch of the day, only when the occasion calls for it, usually while riding a bike (my primary mode of transportation); I don't wear a "nice" watch while riding since I gave a G-Shock road rash; fortunately, the Grand Seiko was in a bag. I wanted a solar Bluetooth square because I don't get good atomic clock reception, so the phone sets the time. Setting the other features with the phone is also nice. The first one I got had a negative display, which I couldn't cope with, so I went looking for this one with a positive display. Why does G-Shock think negative displays are a good idea, and why are positive displays so hard to find? For the record, the metal case is an AliExpress special.