Rusted Deep Blue Dive Watch

My rusted Deep Blue Master 1000 "Dive" Watch which Deep Blue tell me is out of warranty and that there is a number of things that could cause it.... IT'S A DIVE WATCH IT WILL GET WET!!! Thoughts and comments please?

It's a steel case. If you don't wipe it down after immersing it in water or have your watchmaker lubricate the watch when serviced, chances are that it WILL rust.

Remove the strap, clean the case, reinstall the strap, enjoy your watch.

Do you dive in the Sea with it? It appears to have a lot of deposits in it (I can see it on the band). This is probably 316L steel.. which is resistant to corrosion, not as resistant as 904L steel. However if you are putting this into seawater.. it must be rinsed in fresh water after each use. And my guess is, 316L may not be 鈥316L鈥 from all suppliers. Metallurgy recipes may not be followed to the letter at all suppliers.

That is a badge of honor watch! If it could talk, it would tell a lot of stories鈥 I wouldn鈥檛 do a damn thing except to wear it and enjoy it. OK I might touch it up with a little WD-40 or something and brush it with some toothpaste or poly watch. I own a beautiful,Deep Blue diver, and it is, hands-down, my absolute favorite diver鈥 Dynamite, build, perfect fit, excellent strap. I hope someday mine looks a lot like yours!