Watches and the stories they tell - the great ones and the tragic ones

This is my father’s Ricoh Riquartz watch and him carrying me on his arm back in 1980. My grandfather is pictured as well.

The watch is very special to me and not for good reasons other than the fact it belonged to him. My father passed away suddenly from a heart attack at just 49 years old on Feb 19, 1996. It was 3.02 pm and my sister and I (14 and 16) were there with him on a weekend trip to his home as our parents were divorced. He was wearing the watch as he always did, and it broke when he hit the kitchen floor and it shows the time and date frozen in time.

It was easily the worst moment of my life and 27 years later it’s still affecting me sometimes.

I have debated if I should get it repaired and wear it in his honor, but on the other hand, it’s a way to remember him in his final moments with us, even if those memories are extremely painful.

The last thing I ever said to him was “why did you buy those chocolates?” (He had bought the wrong ones at the supermarket). Moral of that little side note is to be nice to your loved ones (and others). It could be the last interaction you ever have with them.


First, thank you for sharing such a personal and touching story. If I may…try to ask what he’d want you to do - would he prefer you having the watch fixed and then begin adding your stories, experiences and history with his? In any case, you are honoring his memory by cherishing the watch - so either decision is a lovely & fitting tribute. Best of wishes❤️


Thank you for sharing such a personal story. I think It’s very cool that you have your dad’s watch. If I may, for you has such a sad memoria attached to it, but maybe you can fix it for your kids someday.


That's quite the story. Sad to heard that you lost your father at such an young age and in a traumatic way...

It was one of my biggest fears to die when I was home alone with my son when he was smaller... Caused a couple of panic attacks, didn't help 🤪