Exploring my dilemma

I understand Rolex has somewhat of a reputation today, but there’s no denying that the Explorer, 216570 is the watch that got me into this hobby. Everything from its boldness and legibility to form and function or something that I continue to admire. I am now at a point where I’m considering between the 16570 in the 226570. For those of you who have thoughts, experiences, or just want to generally chime in I’d love to hear what you all think. A disclaimer, I’m not someone who generally asks advice, because I believe that this hobby is personal and, 99% of people in towards wanna watch you still may find yourself in that one percent. This is just a decision that I’ve considered for so long, I’d appreciate some outside advice.


Let me alleviate your dilemma. Buy both, and send me whichever one you don’t want.


Knowing nothing about Rolexes AND knowing nothing about your personal preferences, I would say to get whichever one is the latest model!

Manufacturing improves every year, with better and better quality, reliability, and performance all around. As such, why not get the latest and greatest, that will surely last longer than yesteryear's?


If those wrist shots are both yours, the 226570 looks better on your wrist. It looks way more legible too (you might have better eyesight than me, so maybe not as big a concern!). Plus you did say the 216570 got you into the hobby, so guessing you are leaning that way?

Is your choice being influenced by availability? Have you got your name down on the wishy-waity list with the AD? If not do that anyway, you can always pass if you chance your mind.