Ed White

As an Omega collector I am interested in getting the Ed White. I have the 3861 moon watch but it has always felt a little large for my wrist. I have the 2018 CK 2998 panda dial speedmaster with the same case which is perfect size wise. The Omega boutique where I have bought 2 of my 6 Omegas told me that they only see one every 18 months. Seems like an uphill battle buying one at retail. Has anyone had any luck and how long did it take?


Seems about right what they told you. I wanted to see the movement and asked around a little.

My local boutique never got one (they are relatively new so the bigger one in a nearby city gets the allocations but VERY few only). The one in my parents hometown is a lot more "upscale" with in house watchmakers and such, Swatch operated I believe. I was told there is not a huge demand for these, like say a snoopy, but even lower supply... they just don't make many of them because it isn't done the same way as the others and requires more skilled workers. That's at least how the story goes, I think, but I can see how that might be true.

Things might be different if you bought 60 Omegas 馃槈