Glycine new airmans ?

Hello everybody. I own few Glycines and I am really impressed by the quality you get for the money. The watches are not perfect for sure but I can appreciate them for what they are (and for the money I paid). I´ve got combat sub vintage in 42, combat sub GMT and a Bienne (great great dress watch). So my question is - are their new airmans any good ? I used to own one of the older models in 39 and I was not impressed but when I sold it I missed it much. So anyone had one of the newer ones ? I am considering their NOON purist variant in 40mm. Also do you have any ideas on where to get one in EU for a reasonable price ? The best I´ve found was on glycineEU store for almost 800 euros. Ordering from US is cheaper but with taxes it´s the same. Thanks for your insights and advice in advance. Have a great day everybody.

oh and here are the pics of my Glycines :-) 



I bought 2 on Amazon. Went All well. But sadly Glycine is indeed an underrated brand you rarely see. Many people are repelled from the invicta takeover and their sale strategy. Despite that they are still great watches. 

You should look on ebay if you want to get a fair price but you will have to wait until a good piece shows up. 

For a new one you can buy right now I'm still searching or more waiting for myself.