Starting a Northeastern Pennsylvania and Northern New Jersey Watch Collecting Club

Hi folks. I wanted to see if there was any interest in starting a watch enthusiast and collecting club for the Northeastern Pennsylvania and Northern New Jersey area. For all individuals interested in forming a watch club, please send me your contact information so that I could then begin to compile a list from which to send group/mass emails or text messages as to where and when we could consider meeting for the first time. So here it goes one more time. Please send me your contact information to the following email address:

1) Your full first name
2) The first letter of your last name
3) Your desired contact email address
4) Your mobile phone number
5) The town and state that you reside

I have only asked for the First letter of your last name so that no one would have your full contact information, thus avoiding the possibility of anyone knowing the possible whereabouts of a HUGE HOARD and/or collection of watches and the threat that might pose in terms of theft. Once we all get to know one another our identities can become more informal.

My plan was for the group to initially meet in a central and convenient location to everyone, such as a restaurant amenable to having a large group convene while having dinner. Afterwards we could formulate a monthly meeting schedule/calendar and possible locations for future meetings and even possibly creating our own regional watch show, convention, meetup showing each of our entire watch collections. Please feel free to reply and comment on my idea and also email me your contact information so as to put you on the list of potential group members.
Thank you for your interest.