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Getting a spaceship vibe

Can you guess the watch?

Finally made my choice

Really happy with it

Few watches I tired while looking for a new watch. Can you guess which is the one I buy?


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GalHadad commented on This is the new watch by Avoirdupois, which is fully made in the U.S.A.

To me it鈥檚 seems like they have the watchmaker but not the designer

GalHadad commented on Which one is better for summer vibes?

The zenith is 馃敟 (great collection)

GalHadad commented on Getting a spaceship vibe

That was quick 馃槃

GalHadad commented on Post your green watches!


First time going green for me, almost all my watches had blue dials. But when I saw this one, I knew it was the dial for me.

GalHadad commented on The one that got away


I miss the one a lot, and knowing that I will not be able to afford one again (at least new) makes me really sad. Would not sell it if I could go back 馃ゲ

GalHadad commented on Are watch price jumps pushing buyers out

Right now at least where I am at, it seems like the secondary market for many brands (jlc, breitling,iwc for example) is going down while the MSRP is going way up. So for those brands I will 100% go with 2nd hand for the moment. On the other hand, the secondary market does seem to catch up with the price increases with Omega and Cartier, so maybe (probably) it鈥檚 a matter of time for the other brands as well.

GalHadad commented on Few watches I tired while looking for a new watch. Can you guess which is the one I buy?

Yeah I love it too, really fun cool watch with very nice looking movement (especially at its price range), so nice I had to picture it:


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