Need help with crystal press

Hey everyone,

I have a SKX case that I paired with a double-dome sapphire crystal (among other mods) but for the life of me seem unable to properly mount the crystal flush in the case. Best I've come is what you see in the photos attached. Just a mere mm but frustrating that I can't seem to it just right.聽

I started off with the basic press I got with the basic watch repair kits I've had for years. Figuring it could have been the quality of the tool, I picked up a Deluxe Press from Esslingers but that didn't help much, and the dies lack re-enforcement around the mounting hole so several have started cracking. I'll be returning it shortly.聽

Oh and when attempting to install I do take care to get it level before pressing, and rotating with gentle pressure but still every time it's slightly unlevel; not even a mm in the above photos.

So, could it be the gasket? Are crystal gaskets one and done, or is it normal to reuse? At one point I had removed the old gasket and not thinking about it being shaped by use, installed it upside down which really made for an ill-seated crystal. for what it's worth, I have new SKX gaskets (black and white) on order from Namoki.

In the event I'm being overly picky, I thought maybe this would be good enough but made the mistake of wearing into the wading area of the pool thinking some under water pics would be fun...until I saw a bubble form, and then another bubble. So, now I'm doing a bit of a rebuild. 馃

Sorry for the long ramble but any suggestions would be greatly appreciative. Until next time (pun), cheers!


So it appears the gasket I was using may have been at fault. I used one of the new gaskets, and looks so much better. The begs the question on best practice for reuse of crystal gaskets; everything I've read hasn't explicitly made the argument for using new gaskets.

Regardless, I'll keep the watch away from water. 馃槑