Sherpa OPS

Good Morning Enthusiasts,

Has anyone had any hands on time with Sherpa watches? Has anyone ever heard of them… Good feedback or bad feedback? 

What little I know about them is that they are remaking Enicar’s Sherpa line. (I believe Enicar went tits up because of the quartz crisis). They are a bit expensive but I’ve only seen one review from a curator who goes by the name Bowl of Salmon. I’m a pessimistic person by nature so all that positivity from a single source made my Agent Orange act up.  

Pic is sourced from Sherpa‘s webpage.

Than you  in advance for any feedback on this brand.


Hehe. i understand you scepticism. I wouldn’t call anything I post a review. i just like to share why I  like about  certain watches. So more of a deep dive on watches that tick boxes for me.  So happy to answer any questions. 

Beside a love for the old Sherpa models this new brand had no links to the old or current enicar name btw. 


Mr Salmon, would you classify this as a daily beater? I’m a blue collar guy. All of my time pieces are tooltastic and must be able to roll with the punches.