Live Stream HORAGE New Micro Rotor GMT and US Biathlon Limited Edition !

Ladies and Gentlemen, being an amateur watch collector is an exceptional hobby, but it's not easy :) We need new watches and experiences every day, then after a few years we all have a good understanding of the market, brands, movements...its gets boring. That is why we all get so excited every time something new, important, and different pops up. I’m excited today..

Enter Horage, their team will share updates about their Tourbillon, Supersede, and US Biathlon Limited Edition on a life stream that starts soon : at 18:00 CET Time.

I didn’t know the company until early 2020, But after doing business and getting to know the team, I started to follow every step of the development of their movements and watches. I’m pretty sure something special is being born here! Very high quality in-house hand made watches with bespoke in-house movements, made fully in Switzerland, Impressive design, but still affordable and usable. The team is very forward coming, very open and responsive, the customer service is top-notch, Its a pleasure to be a customer. No.. I’m not being paid :) I just think we need a bigger community around the HORAGE brand. It’s something unique to be a part of developing a watch, we all feel a little bit like creators of our Supersede :)   #horage #tourbillon #microrotor #inhousemovement #gmtwatch #premier #newrelease #swissmade #limitededition #k3


Thanks so much for sharing your experience with us Artur!  It's been a blast having you in the comments on our live streams as well as supporting our projects. We just crawled out from our little Swiss rock and discovered WatchCrunch today so we will be sure to connect with you and others here more often.  Thanks again!