My conclusion on Formex clasp + Artem Loopless

Doesn't work out for me.

Anyway, there are points to consider if it's going to work for you.

  1. Are you between holes or really need micro adjustments?

  2. Size of the Formex Clasp is no small. Bigger than usual omega-style clasp out there. If you have smaller wrist, this is always bad.

  3. Compatibility. Do they really fit together? They have the same interval of 7.5mm So your holes will match the pins/tang thing from Formex clasp. But! This is a huge but, you need to force the bigger pins through the holes. It means no going back.

  4. Differences? Aside from the size of the clasp, (1) the pin doesn't align exactly under the buckle end like other omega clasp (except for Hamiltom). The way they want to ecure the strap makes you "spend" at least 2 holes as excess tonuge. Need to calculate this or just buy and find out like I do. (2) The way you adjust the clasp is actually "reduce" the size not extending it. So, and this is important, if you hope that the clasp will allow you to make short strap go bigger, NO. Doesn't work that way. Don't let that animation on youtube fool you. The most extended position already set you back 1 hole size. This means you spend at least 3 holes binding strap to the clasp. (3) I haven't tested this out since I just got it and didn't want to force the pins through the strap holes. But another mega issue is that, and Formex team kinda warned me on this. The thickness of the strap should have same thickness with the pins. This is why they won't confirm you anything. Because even after all the hoops you jumped through, they may not wear comfortably. Other omega-style clasp has this same issue when the platform for the pins may poke your skin (mostly for smaller wrist person). But for them they have flat surface and the pin is facing away from your wrist. For Formex clasp, the pins are facing toward your wrist.

  5. Most of the problems go away if you have bigger wrist and thicker strap.

Really hope this can help someone make an informed decision, afterall, we have no power over the outcome of the decision made without being informed.


Bless you, that's really useful. Thanks for taking one for the team, much appreciated ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿผ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿผ