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Which one would you choose?

I got offered the Tudor Black Bay Harrods (the left one for those who don’t know) for a very competitive price. The blue BB58 is already mine. But I can only keep one for financial reasons. I could: -...
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Are Cartiers primarily rather… to you?

I’ve heard so many people talk about Cartier "watches" as jewelry rather than actual watches. One person said "I don’t wear Cartiers, the only jewelry I wear is my wedding ring“. What’s your take on t...
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Are you satisfied with your 2022 watch acquisition(s)?

The year is over and I‘d like to recapitulate your watch collection journey. Are you satisfied with the watches you acquired and possibly sold again this year? Or do you look back with a stomach ache...
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watchesandespresso commented on Which one would you choose? ·

Thanks for your input but not an option. I really like the Black Bay

watchesandespresso commented on Which one would you choose? ·

Exactly my thoughts! My buddy was so amazing that he lets me borrow the watch for a week, so I could experience it on the wrist before making the decision 😍

watchesandespresso commented on Speedmaster service ·

Totally fair, especially if you consider the 2 years of warranty you get. It’s like an included extended warranty 

watchesandespresso commented on How much do you think the build cost of a $5k (at retail) luxury watch is? ·

Depends on what brand and/or watch we’re talking about I believe, but I‘m certain it’s under 2.000€ for any major brand. Probably even less 

watchesandespresso commented on Watches in Wonderland; Do you sleep with it on or off? ·

I used to wear no watch to bed, then I started wearing my Apple Watch in order to track my sleep and wake up with a silent alarm. When I was comfortable wearing a watch to bed, I began also wearing my real watches and now everything from my collection except the fragile vintage watches is my sleep buddy 

watchesandespresso commented on what accuracy is acceptable? ·

I just want a working watch lol. 2 mins off per day is a broken watch in my eyes. 

watchesandespresso commented on what accuracy is acceptable? ·

What 😳 2 mins per day is acceptable for you. If any watch - even vintage - runs worse than +/-15 seconds per day, I would either service it or not buy it at all. 

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I'm glad I answered the call - A 2022 Tudor Ranger Review

Hey everybody. When the Tudor Ranger was announced to the press and various YouTubers made videos about it, I was quickly interested in the watch. You...

Tudor Ranger

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How the hell do they achieve this?

First of all: I’m not a Rolex fanboy. I wouldn’t even necessarily call me a „fan“. I own the Explorer 1 214270 (39mm), because I think it’s the nicest...
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The perfect daily watch?

After exactly one month of waiting, it finally got shipped and arrived today. I wanted an Oris with the in-House caliber 400 for quite some time now....
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After cycling through the Powermatic 80 and the Chrono, I finally settled for my favorite size

As the title already suggests, I finally found the perfect sized PRX for me. I first got the Powermatic 80 version in blue while window shopping but e...
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Is the MoonSwatch rather a…

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What’s your favorite complication?

Other: Comment below ⬇️
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Do you wear your watch to bed?

I’ve asked this question a few months ago when WC didn’t have polls. I thought it might be interesting and more representative to ask this question again as a Yes/No poll. Also I believe many more peo...
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