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What do you think about Tissot?

Would you consider Tissot as a good brand?
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watchcactus commented on What do you think about Tissot? ·

Why don’t you give it that much wrist time?

watchcactus commented on What do you think about Tissot? ·

I would have had them above all of those brands personally. Why don’t you?

watchcactus commented on How do you view customised watches? Eg. Bamford, DiW, TBlack etc ·

I like some of what some of the customizers do but generally speaking I wouldn’t ever get it done. I hate DiW’s stuff though. They ruin so many watches

watchcactus commented on Thoughts on Rolex Oysterquartz? ·

I think they’re a rather impractical watch, but that goes for any watch that is quartz and discontinued. I would wager it's only got 10-20 years left until Rolex stop servicing it and when that happens you’re in for very large servicing/repair bills

watchcactus commented on Best vintage watches under $1000? ·

Its funny you should say Zenith because I actually saw a gorgeous El Primero but assumed the whole brand would be out of my price range as it was a few thousand but I might give it another look and see what is out there!

watchcactus commented on Best vintage watches under $1000? ·

I was actually considering Omega as I’m a bit of a fan boy of theirs and I really love their stuff, so I'll definitely check them out. I dunno, to be honest I think it's just how stagnant and sterile modern pieces feel. They lack patina, the dings and scratches from living a life, acrylic crystal and the smaller sizing. The old aesthetics also appeal to me too for whatever reason. I think it's my old age kicking in :D

watchcactus commented on Junghans or Longines? ·

Be wary of the ticking noise with this watch. It says automatic – and it is. But if you hold the watch up to your ear you can hear a faint ticking almost like the sound of a submarine on sonar. Some find it drives them insane. I don’t wear mine every day so it doesn’t bother me too much but I do notice it. Something to be aware of.

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Best vintage watches under $1000?

What are the best vintage watches under $1000 in your opinion? I want to get into vintage collecting because my modern pieces aren’t quite doing it fo...
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