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Your forever watch

What would be your one watch if you had to wear it forever and couldn’t change it?
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Both beautiful choices! Personally I would opt for a Royal Oak Chrono. Such an incredibly cool piece commented on Your forever watch ·

Pretend the threat of being robbed doesn’t exist :D let your imagination run wild! commented on Cartier value vs Breitling value ·

That’s fair enough! Like was already said, they hold their value well enough after taking a large hit from their retail price, like most watch brands really. I wouldn’t class them as investment brands, that’s for sure commented on Cartier value vs Breitling value ·

Are they new pieces or will you buy them secondhand/vintage? commented on Cartier value vs Breitling value ·

Without sounding rude, I don’t understand how you’re asking about those two brands given they are opposite ends of the spectrum :D commented on Leather straps ·

No, I’m in my late forties now and I hate dress watches just as much as I ever have. All of my watches have metal straps and the only watch I had with a leather strap was a Panerai, which I sold because I never wore it. commented on Leather straps ·

I think they are. They’re not modern at all and only something older people wear. They’ll always be around but to a much smaller extent than they are now I would say.