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6.50” / 16.51 cm Wrist
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SMP 300M - 2004

There is a bit of a story to this one.... I had been on the lookout for a neo vintage SMP 41mm Automatic for about 6 months. A few months ago this 200...

Time to celebrate 🫧🥂

As soon as it was release I emailed the AD asking to be added to the waitlist. Monday the call finally came. Today I picked up the beautiful Celebrati...

Are you influenced by what others say about a watch?

Do you take a lot of notice what is written / posted about a watch or do you reserve your judgment until you try it on?

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commented on SMP 300M - 2004 ·

what a fantastic story. How good are the old SMP's?

commented on You tell me ·

The white speedy needs to be seen in the metal. So much better than the photos online.

commented on Time to celebrate 🫧🥂 ·

lol not likely

commented on Time to celebrate 🫧🥂 ·

Never give up

commented on Time to celebrate 🫧🥂 ·

It’s never about what others buy or not buy.

commented on Time to celebrate 🫧🥂 ·

I waited nearly a year. No special treatment or fast tracking.

commented on Is this even a fair comparison? ·

I have the 39 Tudor BB and it is incredible.


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Oris OCS/SYD Edition 👌🏼

One watch that keeps on making me smile. Goes to show a watch can bring joy without spending crazy money.

Speedy and Staps

If there is one watch that can been teamed with so many straps it is the Speedmaster.

Still honeymooning

This GMT with all the negative press about being too thick is a joy to wear.

Gear / Behind the Scenes

For those that like BTS / Gear. Here is a little snippet of today’s setup. 1 - table top overhead rig from Elgato 2 - 1 fixed Godox light with softbox...

Changing straps for a new look.

I’m a big fan of changing straps to give a watch a great new look. Today’s combo: Oris Diver 65 + @delugs Olive Green CTS Strap

New Watch Alert 🚨

A watch I had tried many times since its release in 2022 and never pull the trigger. I have been on a waitlist for a Pepsi for a long long time. I thi...