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Marathon SS Navigator

This is a pretty solid watch. Bought it for the travel convenience and 10sec/year accuracy. Came with some goodies too! Not the knife, that's just my...

Modern Vintage Watches...crystal matters

I write a lot about modern vintage inspired watches. Seeing as the top two contenders in this year's #microtournament were Baltic and Lorier, I figure...

The humble but mighty Timex Expedition

Straps make a difference!

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commented on Modern Vintage Watches...crystal matters

I got rid of mine because it was too militaristic for my taste. Not to say I don't like the military style, I just prefer it on simple 3-hand field watches or dive watches. I'm also not too much for chronos, but the 2 I own are racing themed. I even recently "retired" my moonswatch because I just don't wear it.

commented on NWA - Japan Edition Revealed

Awesome additions! I have a colleague that recently did a Japan trip and also came back with two watches. I think it's time a plan a trip of my own 馃槑

commented on What鈥檚 in the box - Japan Edition

Open it! Open it!

commented on Modern Vintage Watches...crystal matters

Agree, the 1963 and the likes from Red Star are a bit of an anomaly in the watch world. You just get a great watch for little money. I had a 1963 myself before, but it was an acrylic crystal haha.

commented on Modern Vintage Watches...crystal matters

Yes, agreed on most points. The reason I don't own Baltic myself is precisely because I can't swallow the price point compared to similar brands. But that said, they're not charging for just the parts cost. And even so, a Neptune is less expensive than an Aquascaphe, so we are seeing the price difference in materials in a way?

I am also one of those lunatics that buys "overpriced" Seikos. And I know full well I'm paying for the unique design and the brand name more so than anything else. But I do it because in that case it's worth it to me, I love them. The specs are only about 20% of my decision factor there. And that all changes depending on the watch.

commented on Modern Vintage Watches...crystal matters

Dude, are you secretly working for an acrylic manufacturing company? Haha. You really have this research down!

commented on Modern Vintage Watches...crystal matters

I think they use mineral glass? But either way, they do have that beauty shape.

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