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Asked my dog for the time...

Told me it was time to go outside! No wait, time for a nap! No wait, time to eat! No wait, time for a walk! No wait, ...
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54 second watch for pride day (Québec)

This watch was released for the pride day ticking at only 54 secondes per "minutes", one second less for every color on the flag. This illustrate how...
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Watch nerd in distress, send help.

Forgetting to put on a watch before leaving the house; a feeling only watch nerds can relate to...
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thewatchcomedian commented on What else do you collect and how many? ·

I also collect pens and music (cassettes and vynil). I have something like 6 pens and i have no clue how many vynils and cassettes :p

I also have a "mp3 collection", altough nothing tangible i do buy the mp3 version of albums that are not made in vynil or cassettes (if i listen to an artist often enough, i'll buy the album even though i'll still listen to it on spotify).

thewatchcomedian commented on When do you buy a watch? ·

I will buy a watch next time something i like come up. Right now i have the money to buy a watch within my budget, but there is nothing i REALLY want and i don't want to go over a certaij budget (around 1.5k) because i prefer to invest most of my money (while still allowing myself to buy a watch now and then).

thewatchcomedian commented on WatchCrunch Pet Watch ·
thewatchcomedian commented on 54 second watch for pride day (Québec) ·

Nope, just a "solo item" made in support of the lgbtq+ community.

thewatchcomedian commented on Watch nerd in distress, send help. ·

I think it's funny 😂

thewatchcomedian commented on Watch nerd in distress, send help. ·

Honestly, i was looking around if i could not buy a cheap casio 😂

thewatchcomedian commented on What watch would you bring to a watch WatchCrunch meet? ·

Excellent question. Would probably be...


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thewatchcomedian ·

Best case and bracelet finish under 1000$?

I'm looking for the best watch that look good without looking at it closely. I know the prx had a crazy finish for the price, but i'd like to know wha...
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New leak about the omega x swatch...

Rumors are spreading about a 300$ price point. More about it in my previous post (see profile).
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thewatchcomedian ·

New partnership: what do you expect?

The bets are on! Will it be... A swatch priced omega? An omega priced swatch? Something in between? What do you expect?
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thewatchcomedian ·

Help setting my bulova chrono

Anyone know how to set the minute sub-dial (at 9 o-clock)? When i reset the chrono it doesn't go back to 0, and there seems to be no way to fix it acc...
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Looking for suggestions: Non-dress watches you can wear as a dress watch?

I'm not a fan of dress watches in general. But i do work a 9 to 5 in a 3 piece suit, so i have to wear watches that look good with a suit. What are yo...
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I prefer quartz, am i the only one?

When it comes to watches, the thing i like the most is the design. So when a watch brand propose a quartz version and a mechanical version of a same w...
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