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Good starter brand

What is a good starter brand for someone looking to get into watches like myself..?
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Expensive fakes

Are the expensive fake watches any good?
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Quartz vs Mechanic

What is more accurate, quartz or mechanic?
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therookie commented on Orisfanboy is in the building! :D Thanks for the invite @watchsymmetry

We got a watchfam celebrity in the house folks! 馃榾 聽Welcome aboard @orisfanboy!

therookie commented on Expensive fakes

Sure but some people spend that much on a fake Rolex, no? Just keep the money, save for a bit longer and buy the real thing

therookie commented on Expensive fakes

It baffles me that people can spend that on a fake watch.

therookie commented on Quartz vs Mechanic

Oh wow that sounds interesting, I'll be sure to read about that!

therookie commented on Quartz vs Mechanic

what was the quartz crisis? Excuse me, I'm pretty new to horology

therookie commented on Quartz vs Mechanic

Wow I never thought Quartz would be that much more accurate! How come people still buy mechanical watches then?

therookie commented on What is a chronometer?

Thank you for your detailed answer, that鈥檚 fascinating about their history!

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What is a chronometer?

Looking for someone to explain what a chronometer is... thanks!
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Dare I ask about Fossil?

I鈥檓 scared to start this thread, but under what circumstances is it appropriate to wear a Fossil?
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MVMT worth the money?

Are MVMT watches worth the money, or should I spend elsewhere and get something else? Is there a brand that is better value at that price?
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Inexpensive Rolex

What is the cheapest Rolex model there is? I want a Rolex but I don鈥檛 have that much money to spend (unfortunately).
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