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Apr 05, 2022

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Moonswatch's First Speedy Tuesday

Here's a few shots of my friend's Pluto Moonswatch. Love the colors on this one.
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Love this collab between Omega and Swatch. Waited in Times Sq for 8 hours to acquire this beauty. Worth the wait. I'm hoping the next time it is relea...
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A Lange Sohne Sax-O-Mat | Macro Photography

Whats up WatchCrunch! Check out some macro photos of the A Lange Sohne Sax-O-Mat. Love the details of the movement! Let us know in the comments below,...
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theborrowedtimepodcast commented on Orange or Turquoise?

Orange looks great!聽

theborrowedtimepodcast commented on Moonswatch's First Speedy Tuesday

Yes! I've seen that! Hopefully its ok. haha

theborrowedtimepodcast commented on Moonswatch!

I do too.. it wears really well and its very comfortable. I was just excited to see we had the ability to change straps聽

theborrowedtimepodcast commented on Moonswatch!

Decisions.. Decisions.. Which one are you thinking of getting?

theborrowedtimepodcast commented on Moonswatch!

Agreed! Each one speaks differently. It was the planet that sold me.聽

theborrowedtimepodcast commented on Moonswatch!

thank you! It was my first pick too.聽

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Watch Wednesday | Grand Seiko SBGY007

Pocket shot of the Grand Seiko SBGY007 "Omiwatari" This piece is inspired by the water of Lake Suwa freezes over and, most years, a long ridge appears...
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Speedy Tuesssdaayyy!

Its the Speedmaster鈥檚 favorite day. Where does the speedy rank in your collection? For more watch content, check us out on Instagram. IG: @theborrowed...
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Black Bay 58 & Hello WatchCrunch!

Hey Watchfam! 1st post here on WatchCrunch. With the BB58, what do you prefer to wear it with? Bracelet, nato strap or leather strap? This BB58 is pai...
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