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Has a rubber strap ever broken on you?

I have a watch with a rubber strap about 10 years old and I’m afraid it might be getting too old
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that_watch_dork commented on Has a rubber strap ever broken on you? ·

That’s exact what is happening to my Panerai. The strap is beginning to split and I can see the faint lines where it is getting weak. I was just wondering in case it was something to do with how I wear the watch or something like that

that_watch_dork commented on Are TAG Heuer watches reliable? ·

Ive had a couple and they have been hit or miss. My issues were always small and annoying things that just pointed at a seemingly lazy QC team. Sticky pushers, unsmooth clasp function and that kind of thing. All easily remediable but annoying nonetheless

that_watch_dork commented on Watch winders, good or bad? ·

Whats the big deal with spending a few seconds to wind a watch? It only takes a second and it's the fun in owning a watch. It's like having someone else drive you car

that_watch_dork commented on How does Moser’s HMC200 movement stack up? ·

Its got a Staumann Hairspring with a flat overcoil. It basically just means the balance is more accurate as forces are evened out during oscillation. It’s a bit complicated to explain and I would have to explain Breguet Overcoils and Flat curve hairsprings. It’s a great movement though, I would highly recommend Moser in general, they make some incredible watches!