NWA: Timex "Railmaster"

On the Timex website it's called the Timex Standard 40mm Fabric Strap Watch. But the dial seems so heavily inspired by the Omega Railmaster '57 that I think we should just call it the Timex Railmaster and be done with it.

I wish the case were a bit smaller (it's 40mm but the vintage-inspired design really calls for 38mm or even smaller), and the lugs are a bit long if you have dainty wrists like me. Speaking of my small wrists, I need to use the smallest setting on the included strap, but hey, at least it has quick release spring bars. And with a 20mm lug width you won't have any trouble finding a different strap for it.

The hands are quite nice for the price point (this picture doesn't do them justice), and I dig the vintage-y touch of the broad arrow hour hand. (No surprise there.) Though I think I'd rather the faux-patina printed hour markers be a bit less faux-patina-y.

All three hands are lumed, which is almost irrelevant because this thing has Indiglo.

It's really not a bad deal at all for the price ($79).

It's a very handsome watch, proof you don't have to spend a mint to be stylish.

I can't find a single thing to dislike about this watch.聽