Hot take: the three iconic G-Shock families

Out of all the many G-Shock designs that have come out since the early 80s, which form factors / families are the most iconic? I set out to pick the three most iconic designs: one digital, one tri-graph, and one ani-digi.

  • Digital: the 5600 family. Has flown myriad times in space, this family is the definitive space watch of the Shuttle era. Released in 1987, but an incremental advance from the original G-Shocks. The iconic shape of the 80s, and (uncontroversially, I expect) the most iconic G-Shock of all time.
  • Tri-graph: This display style is perhaps the most distinctive display arrangement among Casio watches, and I think it reached its peak with the 6900 family. When they first appeared in the mid-90s, they were a huge hit. In my mind, they're the most 90s of all the G-Shocks.
  • Ani-digi: I expect this to be the most controversial take, since it's a much younger family than many, but I think the most iconic ani-digi G-Shock has to be the 2100 "CasiOak" family. Absolutely exploded in popularity when they dropped just a few years ago. To my mind, this is the G-Shock family of the 2020s.

Okay, that's my trinity. Am I right? Am I totally off-base? Is there a whole category I should have considered besides these three? Come at me, mudmaster men, frogman fans, gulfman groupies!


Other than the mudmaster type, I'm hard pressed to even think of another G-Shock base style. 

I don't think this is a hot take at all. I think it's very spot on.


Yea I'd add the 9300/9400, but I'm ok with the above.  


I don’t think that’s a hot take at all. That’s pretty spot on. 


With regard to any kind of "historical importance" I don't think the CasiOak deserves to be mentioned in the same sentence as the other two, at least in my opinion.

It's been around for very short comparably and more likely than not owes it's popularity to the trendyness of the Royal Oak and its friends. Give it another 10y maybe 20y, then we can see if it will still be around... we're biased due to its recency I think.


I only recently joined the G-Shock train with my choice of the grey CasiOak.


But I've known of the existence of other models before purchasing, sort of sifted through a little of the immense catalogue and decided this fit my goldilocks: I enjoy reading time in analog, yet I also love having the precision of quartz. I love the octagonal case and the chunky indices, and am a personal fan of subdials of a useful complication.