Want To Buy Some Of Sylvester Stallone's Watches?

This was quite interesting video.

Have at it in the comments馃槑


Selling a gift seems so tacky. Geez... regift it if you really need to get it out of the house. Cartier ain't sending anymore freebies your way, Sly.


I thought it was pretty interesting...because at some point when you have so much of EVERYTHING, including hot daughters, passing them on (the watches, not the daughters 馃槣) for someone else to enjoy makes sense to me IMHO.

I was actually surprised how well spoken he was and although his collection is absolutely insane he seems to genuinely care about the watches.

I have an Arnie in my collection, no Sly yet!

What watch would the Sly be?

I enjoyed the video. Surprised so many haters on YouTube.

In my opinion there's nothing wrong with selling a gift like that.

It's not like the Cartier staff will all start crying because some celebrity doesn't like a gift he received before they were even born. 馃槄

I do have one criticism.

If I had 400 million dollars, I'd probably auction the watches off for charity.

For one, I bet a bunch of people seeing that were wondering if he's having money trouble (not unheard of even with big celebrities).

And also just to be good or whatever. Feed some hungry Australian orphans or whatever. 馃し