This little piggy is going to the watch shop.

Good morning Crunchers! Okay, I have mentioned a few times on here that my Citizen Titanium Diver's has these hairline scratches on the mineral glass. They are so thin that you can not see them under indoor light but once you go outside in the sunlight, I can clearly see them.

I called the shop that fixed my Flightmasters and they will not only replace the glass, but also clean the Titanium band by soaking it in the ultrasound cleaner.

I know what you're thinking but see, I have a bit of OCD and I'm just nitpicky like that. The watch will be dropped off next week.

Hope everyone's doing great out there!๐Ÿฅธ


I understand! When something gets under your skin you GOTTA get it the way you want it!