Is a 37mm too small for my wrist?

I have just purchased the Grand Seiko SBGX263, which is 37mm, similar to this Tudor homage from San Martin.

The GS has a lug-to-lug of 44.6mm, compared to the San Martin's 45.9mm.

Both watches are 37mm in diameter.

Is this too small or good for my wrist size? Does it look funny?

No, looks great. So will the GS.

That's a perfect fit.


That's a perfect fit.

Phew, I thought maybe it's too small for my wrist and hands.

100% perfect proportions.

I think it works but that would be as small as you can go. This is all personal opinion and I've seen guys wear very small watches. Just not my thing. I have a 7.5 inch wrist and the smallest watch I'll wear is this 38.5 San Martin.


Nah, it鈥檚 not too small at all for my likings.

Proportions are fine in my opinion. Looks great.

Looks good but in the end it's up to you, don't pull the trigger if you're not going to be 100% happy

Looks great on your wrist


Looks good but in the end it's up to you, don't pull the trigger if you're not going to be 100% happy

Its a perfect size right? Doesnt look funny? I have a Baltic MR01 which is even smaller still rock it


On the contrary: perfect fit (judging by the pics, obviously)

Looks great.


It鈥檚 perfect 馃ぉ

Looks like a great size on you

Looks really good 馃憤

This looks good! Also, please stop worrying about watch size, everyone! I have a 6.5inch wrist and own watches from 34mm to 50mm, with lug-to-lug from 39 to 59(!)mm. The sooner you stop caring and start enjoying whatever watch you want, the better.


Not if you like it.

Looks good

I own both. The GS will look phenomenal !





I would say stop thinking about size.. I have 32-55mm i my watchbox, they all fit me perfect 馃槉 if its feel good i like it, if i dont feel it i dont buy it beacuse i Will not wear it.. You watch looks great on you, but if you think its small you might not wear it. And thats Sad, its lovly

Not at all. Looks great. Could also be the lug-to-lug that makes it look like a good fit!

My smallest is the Baltic MR01 (36mm) and the largest 44mm diver.


Looks perfect on your wrist.

Looks just right to me


Looks good to me 馃敟

36 and smaller was quite standard for a long time for men. My father, who was 6'1 and 260 wore a 36mm rolex and didn't think twice about it. I'm 6'2 and 270 (7.8" wrist) and my son is 6'6" and our 36mm's wear great. We both seem to gravitate more towards larger and chunkier but 36 is just fine.