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Restoration of a Vintage Yema Sous Marine

Hi everyone, In this new episode I try to restore this vintage French diver watch. I love the patina on the hand and dial. I flet in love with the mat...
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Rynofishing ·

My vintage pulsar is on the chopping block?!?!?

This is one of my favorite designs from the 1980s and also I love 1980s pulsar watches. So, I thought this is going to be one of my most worn watch ev...
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nickadrian0918 ·

$100 for a vintage Blancpain

Came across this gem on IG from Antiques Roadshow. A lady bought a Blancpain from the 60s while thrift shopping for about $100. The expert valued it b...
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Subwalker ·

Simply simple 🎯

Just a pic of the lovely little SQ 4004 back on its original bracelet 🇯🇵
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ShapesOfHorology ·

Mini Seiko Collection

After 3 years of hunting, I'm glad to showcase this mini 3 watch Seiko collection. The Lord Matic 5606-5000 from Suwa with the caliber 56 as Suwa's la...
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romanschatz ·

Budget watch with flair.

This Citron is no lemon. Todays before and after of a funky looking 1970’s (?) Swiss watch. This timepiece is all dial and case.
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marcusmenescal ·

Hello from London!

Dear all, Möels & Co. 528 was designed by my 22yo daughter who studies architecture at Westminster University in London. Her design has been recen...
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Rocky150 ·


Somewhere off of the coast of South Vietnam, my original wrist shot. Who would have known? Timex? Seiko?
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Hazeninety ·

Vintage Seiko SNXJ

Honestly feel like this case was made for this dial. A true 80's Japanese vintage. The Sea portion of the dial has texture added to it. The 18K gold p...
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watch.yuk ·

Imperfect Watch?

Dial is the most important part of a watch for me. So it's really important to have a clean one. But this watch has imperfect dial, but still very att...
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