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Aurelian ·

Tell me why I am wrong. Part IV (unless you are Cartier and count on your fingers)

I post a controversial watch opinion merely for entertainment purposes and you tell me why I am wrong. Change my mind!
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ChronoGuy ·

How Many Watches Are Too Many? What's Your Limit?

Now anybody who has read some of my posts will already know where I land on the answer to this question - as the famous joke goes when your significan...
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wintermutt ·

Best Watch for the Climate Apocalypse

Many people believe we are headed toward a global collapse of human civilization as a direct or indirect result of anthropogenic climate change. I don...
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Candide3693 ·

SOTC - Current State of My Collection

OK, I have finally gotten my collection into some sort of organized form, so I am ready to post the state of the collection. 😊 Some of you may be curi...
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Aurelian ·

Tell me why I am wrong. Part One.

I post a controversial opinion merely for entertainment purposes and you tell me that I am wrong. Change my mind!
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Pavlov ·

A honest Seiko thread

Guys, let's be honest - Seiko is the best. So let's put the best watches together. Here is the most recent damage to the wallet :
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SimplyVintageWatches ·

Does your significant other approve of your watch purchasing habits ⌚😳😲💥😃!?

We went out for breakfast this morning and my wife really loved the look of the Tudor Prince Oysterdate on me 😉😅. She knows I just bought it and what...
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Scooby ·

Am I being overreactive?

Hi everyone. Got a little horror story and I want to know if I have too high expectations. I went to a preowned watch dealer, who said "every watch ha...
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TheLeftyWatchNerd ·

Share Your 70s Quirky Watch!

Mine is a Doxa Synchron. Share yours!
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Deeperblue ·

Weekly photo theme: Vintage!

It's that time of the week for everyone to show off their mad photography skills! This week's theme is any interpretation of 'vintage' you wish. I'm k...
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