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Laarvee: True Love Matters?

It's already an oldie, but do we love or hate it? Please show your Laarvee if you got one!


My Father in-laws watches.

Calling all Crunchers. I need your vast wealth of information. My wife and I drove up to the mountains to visit her parents for thier 70 birthday. (Th...

Unique Multi-use Timex

Very hard to find these!

Vintage watches

I麓m very fan of vintage watches. I think they have something special, a kind of charm that comes from old times and people who wore them. These ones a...

Watches from each decade, 2023 edition - Share your watches Part 1: (Up to) The 10s

There has been such an influx of new members since last year, which of many seems to have an interest in vintage watches, I hope there is an interest...

Seeking Some Knowledge

Happy Sunday Crunchers, I was on eBay a few weeks back and came across this vintage Nelson 鈥淪ea Admiral鈥. Since it has my name on the dial, two bulls...

Tempted fate and got this gem

Well鈥 where to start with this鈥 Was messing about looking auction sites after a few drinks and started looking at the watches on my watch list. Filled...

Cartier Baignoire - A Dream Come True

If you follow me you may have an idea that I had wanted (and researched for a few years now) about the Baignoire. It was in one of my polls, but I hon...

Happy Friday!

Goodmorning Crunchers. Wearing my Doxa Sub 300t on this beautiful Friday (pic taken last night for lighting purposes). The weekend couldn't come fast...