HotWatchChick69 ·

Living out our childhood dreams through watches

When I was growing up, Roger Moore was James Bond. And when the films would rerun on KTLA Channel 5, I’d sit for the marathons (along with Kung Fu The...
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thiago ·

Omega and Swatch Collab (Photos ALL MODELS, Details and Price)

Tech Specs Omega x Swatch MoonSwatch Movement: Quartz Functions: Hours, minutes, seconds, chronograph Case: 42mm; Bioceramic Dial: Various colors Stra...
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HotWatchChick69 ·

Would you make the trade?

I can't stop thinking about the new Grand Seiko SLGA015. But, if I were to get it, I think I'd have to trade in a couple of watches. Otherwise, soon,...
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celinesimon ·

Is there a watch style you feel like you're missing?

For me, I need (ok, want) a full steel watch with a blue dial. I feel like that's totally missing from my collection. Just about every brand makes one...
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celinesimon ·

First Watch, Last Watch, Next Watch?

What was the first watch you ever got? The last one you added to your collection? And the next one you have your eye on? My first was a Flik Flak when...
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UnholiestJedi ·

Death of the MoonSwatch...

... being sold online. We all had sort of surmised & a...
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HotWatchChick69 ·

I think I'm in love... with an ugly watch - trading in my Omega Aqua Terra & Planet Ocean Titanium for the hideous GS SBGC249

Guys, Okay, this is a little off color, but Fleming & John released “Ugly Girl” in 1999, and I think it perfectly sums up my feelings about the Gr...
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DariusII ·

How Do You Feel About Gold/Gold Tone Watches? Show Us Yours!

Gold. The warm, gleaming 31.1 gram-per -ounce worm sign of avarice. Long have gold (or at least in my working man's experience) gold tone watches been...
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C_on_G ·

Fun question: What is the next piece you are eyeing or want?

Kind of curious to see what everyone is looking into. My list is long but I want to be a little more realistic with myself and there's one that I real...
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THIS is why I love WatchCrunch!!!

So, there are many, many, many wonderful people here on WatchCrunch: @celinesimon if you want knowledge and insights from an industry professional @Au...
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