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brunofrankelli ·

Can I flex please?

First flight since the pandemic hit. First visit to Europe in 8 years. Most importantly, first business class flight ever. Maybe not a big deal for ma...
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ckim4watches ·

Help! Stop Me from Buying this Watch!

In the spirit of the "deinfluencer", I need people to stop me! I love the look of the dial. The price is a bit above my range, but it would not be a f...
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NightWatch ·

I admit it: I bought this Pagani Speedy homage to flip, but now I'm keeping it!

Picture it: March 20th, the first day of the AliExpress Sale. I'm scouring the site looking for amazing deals on watches, although nothing is really c...
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Ls9009 ·

Strap versus Bracelet

I THINK summer is coming so I switched the bracelet for the deployment strap on my Speedy. I think the new speedy bracelet is the most comfortable eve...
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wsjp007 ·

Omega Railmaster vs. Tudor Ranger

I'm currently in my "research phase" for a new watch. I am aiming for a non-diver tool watch for this next purchase, and the two front-runners so far...
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Gavynp ·

Let the Journey begin!

New to watches! My first watch box came in today! Looks like I have some spaces to fill! What’s your next watch? What’s your holy grail? For me, I eit...
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onepunchnimu ·

Help me decide: Rolex Submariner 16610 or Omega Speedmaster 3861 Sapphire for a Career Milestone Watch?

Hello, fellow watch enthusiasts! I'm seeking your valuable opinions on which luxury timepiece I should purchase to commemorate my career milestone this year, where I'm finally comfortable with spendin...
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Sivari ·

Show your Omega caseback

I love vintage casebacks, but also curious to see the modern ones 🥂
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willdub ·

Everyday Dressy Silver Dial Options?

Hi all, just wanted to hear some peoples opinions between these options. Trying to decide on a light dial everyday/dress watch. I do have a cartier tank so I'm looking for something on steel with a ro...
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francismoyalan ·

Omega Aquaterra

Hello there, Please share your thoughts on AQUA TERRA 150M, MASTER CO‑AXIAL CHRONOMETER GMT 43 MM. Is this one a good option for a dress watch and wil...
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