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neomatik ·

Is it normal for a date to change before midnight?

My wife recently got a new Rado automatic and noticed that the date changes fully a few minutes before midnight (e.g. at 11:55 pm). I've never seen so...
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Seamaster 300 on Omega Mesh

Hey guys! Ive got a problem and I like taking picture of my problem. I recently picked up the steel mesh bracelet for my Omega Seamaster 300 and love...
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bulgarian ·

Good Sunday morning!

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MrFabulous ·

Dream time...

Pick your dream companion to be stranded with on a desert island. In the comments pick your dream desert island watch.
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JM.Jelles ·

My first Cartier!

Just added the Santos de Cartier ref WSSA00029 to the collection ❤ I've been looking in to Cartier for quite some time now, and have had an open mind...
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Aurelian ·

In Praise of Tropical Dials (Love in the Ruins*)

For most of my adult life I have lived in two American cities where the combination of age, climate, hurricanes, and verdant plant growth erode the pe...
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Endymion87 ·

How many of your watches do you wear on a weekly basis?

Hello Crunchers, I recently realized, despite the fact that I own several watches, I still wear one of these three. I don’t know if it’s related to the watches in question, to me, or if it’s something...
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SurferJohn ·

“The Wobble” Valjoux 7750 - Showing mine, let's see yours!

Let’s see your watches with the 7750 movement or 77xx derivatives, and hear your thoughts about them. After everything that has come and gone in my lo...
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Porthole ·

Through the Porthole… #3 - Fluva Geneve and Felsa Bidynator

Sounds like a Harry Potter book doesn’t it… Despite the recent Smiths lucky find, and whatever else I’ve been moaning about (Black Bay 58 I think, can...
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Jewbaka ·

Everything's better with a NATO.

What's on your wrist today?
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