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I really want an orange Citizen Barnacle

Just in case anyone from corporate has the (unenviable) task of monitoring web forums. Surely there are still a couple of old ones to reference still...

New Formex "BABY" Reef 39.5 MM

Formex is launching a smaller version of its Reef diver’s watch. Colors Specs Sellita SW300-1 COSC Diameter: 39.5mm Height: 11.0mm Lug width: 22mm Lug...

Reader suggested post🍻

Brian writes in for a reader submitted question, “Justin what is your go anywhere do anything watch set up? And what is your go to EDC pointy boi? Im...

New Marine Master

As tired as I am of Grand Seiko priced Seiko's, I really like this. The Seiko website states these should be released around April 2024. Not sure why...

Launching a New Microbrand - Plumage Watches

Hello everyone! My name is Kaine Black and I am watch enthusiast and bird lover from New Brunswick, Canada. I have been collecting watches for 5 years...

Work Watch

36mm Marathon MSAR. By far my most worn, and favorite watch in my collection.

Sports Watches - A Rant

So I’ve had this Certina DS Action 38mm since June and I absolutely adore it. The sizing is great, the 38mm case along with its 45mm lug-to-lug make i...

Travelling with 3 watches

I will be heading off on a 2-week holiday to Spain and France - specifically Barcelona, Sete and Marseille - starting Saturday evening. To do a quick...

My Sumo wasn’t shiny enough…

My Seiko Sumo SBDC097 wasn’t shiny enough. Fixed it with a Beads of Rice bracelet from Uncle Straps.

Morning routine.

Coffee. Tire flips. Cotton candy Doxa. Lifes good. Hope everyone has a solid week. Whats on your wrist today?