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mpower5266 ·

To mod or not to mod.

I decided to wear my trusty gen1 monster today for the first time in a while and I have noticed that its running a little slow. Its not slow enough th...
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TheTownWatch ·

NEW Baltic Aquascaphe Titanium 300m Dive Watch | Worth the Price? | Full Hands On Review

Full hands on review video of the new Baltic Aquascaphe Titanium 300m Diver. Let me know what you think of it and if you think it's worth the $700+
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sfmorris ·

New Seiko Slim Turtle

I love Seiko. As much as I try to fight it, they just suck me right back in. I recently sold my only Seiko diver (the massively underrated SRPB91) and...
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nartlambaz ·

One of my favourite Seiko watches

Seiko Mas63 on a Seiko nato strap
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MarkD67 ·

Thursdays Watch, Tag Heuer Aquaracer Professional 300 43mm

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CoachCasey ·


This is my favorite watch to wear.
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DariusII ·

Freestyle Hammerhead Diver Review

When one thinks of the ‘defacto diver watch’, visions of a Submariner, or some kind of homage or another often pops up. The basic design has been repl...
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Greatgaspiwrist ·

The Oris Aquis with that blue dial with sunburst, which has been with me for two years now.

I'm Gaspar, my friends call me Gaspi, I'm a doctor from Mexico and I've been collecting watches for 17 years, this is my first blog post and I'm very...
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Fieldwalker ·

Prospex Ginza in the wild

Until recently it was right at home, looking handsome in Ginza and Gion. But the last 5 days were in the harsh oceanic climate of Queen Charlotte soun...
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Kieron ·

I just couldn't help myself

I was never attracted to divers maybe being more at the start more into the dress pieces datejust santos,was put off by the black bezel inserts seems...
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