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MrFabulous ·

Dream time...

Pick your dream companion to be stranded with on a desert island. In the comments pick your dream desert island watch.
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Endymion87 ·

How many of your watches do you wear on a weekly basis?

Hello Crunchers, I recently realized, despite the fact that I own several watches, I still wear one of these three. I don’t know if it’s related to the watches in question, to me, or if it’s something...
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Porthole ·

Through the Porthole… #3 - Fluva Geneve and Felsa Bidynator

Sounds like a Harry Potter book doesn’t it… Despite the recent Smiths lucky find, and whatever else I’ve been moaning about (Black Bay 58 I think, can...
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ElTomstro ·

Show us your Vintage Digitals!

Seems we don't have a collective show-off thread for vintage digital watches yet! I'm sure many of us had a digital watch at some time in our life, mo...
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TwiceTollingClock ·

Inexpensive Automatic Dress Watch

Assume that you have a budget of $300 to play with; you've got enough diver watches to last until doomsday. Now, you want a nice, automatic DRESS watc...
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SOTC March 2023

Sorry if you've already seen this post on Reddit, but I thought the Watchcrunch folk might like to see what I wear as well. 😁 So here's my SOTC for Ma...
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ckim4watches ·

Help! Stop Me from Buying this Watch!

In the spirit of the "deinfluencer", I need people to stop me! I love the look of the dial. The price is a bit above my range, but it would not be a f...
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AlbertaTime ·

Merkur w/hi-vis hands

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BernieC ·

New watch

Just added new watch to the Rolex segment of # collection.... can you guess which one??
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Gavynp ·

Let the Journey begin!

New to watches! My first watch box came in today! Looks like I have some spaces to fill! What’s your next watch? What’s your holy grail? For me, I eit...
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