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ChronoGuy ·

What's Your Favorite Microbrand?

Over the past few years, I have been collecting microbrands via Kickstarter, Indiegogo, and other small independent distribution channels. Really my c...
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celinesimon ·

Favorite Panda Dial Watches?

Hi friends! I'm back for some research for an upcoming article about Panda Dials. What are your favorite watches with Panda dials that are currently i...
61 620 ·

Which chronograph fam?

Hey watch fam, aside from the usual suspects (speedys), what is your favorite chronograph? Please show some photos! For me, its the Seiko square flyba...
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Timetworule ·

Grand seiko vs. Tudor

Which one gets your vote?
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Chronomad ·

Any German chronos out there?

Lets see your chronos - and no, they dont have to be German, they just have to be cool 😉👍
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Pete127 ·

Ok guys question of the day!!!

Which Chronograph would you choose if you had only one choice? Mine would be the Omega Speed master in solid gold. Reasons being it's has the heritage...
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Unholy ·

Groomsman on duty

weeks ago i got some request to be one of the groomsmen for my best friend wedding (been doing this about 6 times 😂), and im telling you chinese weddi...
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KyleSchut ·

Lets see your favorite Chronos :)

Where the chrono fans at? lets see them!
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TheLeftyWatchNerd ·

Beautiful newest chronograph reissue, this time by Tissot

I would have preferred a 40mm or 38mm case, but the dial and case profile are spot on, love the vintage logo without the year too. Any thoughts? For a...
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TopTierTicker ·

Best chronograph under $500?

Hello all, my first post on watch crunch. Something I have been pondering recently. What is the best chronograph under $500? It's a struggle to find a...
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