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Tudor Pelagos vs TAG Aquaracer

I'm about to get my first dive watch and can't decide between the Tudor Pelagos and TAG Heuer Aquaracer, what do you think I should get as my first di...
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splitting.sconds commented on Has a rubber strap ever broken on you? ·

Yeah, it happened to me before but thankfully it was only when I was putting my watch on in my bedroom and my watch only fell onto the carpet. If it had fallen onto concrete outside that would not be fun! I recommend you replace the strap asap.

splitting.sconds commented on Patek Philippe Investment ·

Please don’t buy watches as investments. Just buy what you like and can afford. You’ll be much happier if you pretend the money is gone and the watch has no value as well

splitting.sconds commented on Why don’t Rolex try high horology? ·

Sure they could but look at Panerai. Another tool-watch brand, albeit more popular, but Panerai are branching into minute repeaters, Tourbillons and all sorts. It's off brand and hard to sell. That’s why these watches are so limited. Sure, Rolex would probably have the demand to sell however many they wanted to but it’s a strange move

splitting.sconds commented on Why don’t Rolex try high horology? ·

Like the other guy said, Rolex don’t need to do a tourbillon now just because Omega have. Rolex set the standard for Omega. Omega made that tourbillon because they had to do something Rolex haven’t done. Doing a tourbillon now would be a form of acknowledgement

splitting.sconds commented on Hamilton Khaki Field experiences? ·

I personally don’t like the look of the day+date function but that’s just me. The extra functionality is nice in fairness

splitting.sconds commented on Hamilton Khaki Field experiences? ·

For the $500 or so they cost to buy I think the Khaki Field Mechanical is a pretty unrivalled purchase in its category. Manual wind, 80hr power reserve, nice lume, 38mm case. I might get one myself

splitting.sconds commented on Tudor Pelagos vs TAG Aquaracer ·

Ok yeah that does sound really handy. I'm the same with where I live. My only gripe is how the bracelet looks but I suppose it’s a dive watch. It's built for function, not aesthetics