My 2gen titan Tissot T-touch on an orange rubber strap is by far my favorite watch.

Is hasn't as much history as my Vulcain and isn't as valuable as my Omega but for me it has the most emotional value.

When i was a kid, i remember passing by watch-store windows and knowing nothing about watches, i would always gasp when i saw the flashy Tissot on an orange bracelet next to posters of divers. Being over 1200eur in the early 00s, it was unobtainable for me back then.

Today for a mere tenth of the original price a dream as come true for me. Whenever i wear my T-touch i feel like a child who has made his dream come true.

Also i am a massive geek, and even thought i don't use the features much, it is nice having barometer, thermometer and compass on a wristwatch. Plus it is technically also a Bond watch, since the first gen has been worn by Rosamund Pike in Die Another Day.


I love this watch! This takes me back to 2007.


I absolutely love those, the only draw back for me being my constant need to check for fingerprints on the crystal ๐Ÿ˜€