Field Exercise time, can I get an amen??

Realized I don't have many action shots with the Lorier, due to reasons. Also rarely change out straps, etc for the day, but about to get on the road again.

Good thing there's always training events....

Any guesses what's gonna happen?? 馃憖馃馃徎馃槈

Lorier Neptune SIII

WOE x ZuluAlpha 2.0

Prometheus Design Werx Ti Compass


How big was the boom?

Nice watch



How big was the boom?

Lol sadly not big, ended up so doing some small shape charges. Always fun to go boom tho.

Dude that compass goes perfectly with the Neptune 馃憣

I noticed your Crocs are not in off-road mode! No bueno if you鈥檙e running from a firecracker!

What is this field training you speak of? I will be on the flight line. 馃槀