What do you do with watches you don't wear?

We all have watches we don't routinely wear - well, I do anyway - what do you do with them?

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I wear all 11 watches in my core collection regularly, as much as you can with that amount.

D. Other - There鈥檚 also the option to gift/give them away.

That said, I voted option A.

I wear all my watches. Some see more wrist time than others.

depends on their value, if the watch is worth more than 250 鈧 I sell.....under 250 鈧 I just keep them, not worth the hassle for me....eventually I give them away.

D gift some, chuck some in a drawer and forget about them, sell some..

My best excuse to buy a new piece has recently been gifting one to my son.

All are on display. Well, I wear them all鈥

All 55.

Most of the watches I don't wear, and they aren't that many, are older, well-worn quartz watches. They are all fully functional, but are showing a lot of wear. Some were questionable buying decisions, but so inexpensive, that it doesn't make sense to sell them.

Otherwise I wear everything, and re-mod what I no longer like to wear.

The problem is I don鈥檛 really have routinely worn watches, unless you consider being worn once or twice a month. When they aren鈥檛 worn, they are in the 鈥淭ower of Time鈥 (a tall narrow drawer chest) in watch boxes/ storage tray or the top drawer of my dresser where the solar watches are kept.

I try to give them away. With varied success.

If I don't want to wear them, why would someone else . . . . .